dental lab

Shade Taking Guide

Capture eyes to lower lip to establish midline and plane of occlusion. Helps when no bite plane is provided.


Close up of all teeth to see all the different variants of shades and characteristics throughout the mouth.

Close up of the tooth we wish to copy. This photo emphasizes the details seen in step 2.

_DSC0029-001 _DSC0030-001

At least three of the closest shade tabs are selected, this will help us determine whether the shade requires more or less color.

Both the entire tooth and shade tab with  shade code should be fully visible.

Shade tab should be situated in the same angle as the tooth we are to copy.

_DSC0031-001 _DSC0032-001 _DSC0033-001

Rx Downloads

Camera Settings

Equipment setup:

  • Nikon D3100

  • Nikon 105mm micro lens

  • Nikon dual flash commander SU-800

  • ISO 200

  • 1/60 sec

  • f16

  • Manual Priority

  • Exposure Comp 0